A quest, a mystery. Restoring the appearance of the crown, and the return of its creator.
The project's research team spent weeks in libraries and archives, in workshops and apartments, in different cities, all to reveal the scenes from a "crown" that had vanished without a trace - and to track down its creator.
In Search of the Elusive "Crown"
In the course of our work, we collected a wide variety of materials from every possible source, from archives to books to even postcards. We now have a complete picture of the cinema's history and the best possible idea understanding of its "crown" - a decorative wrought iron railing that originally encircled the roof.
The Mystery of Konstantinov
In our city, where the person you need is often just a few mutual friends away, it was almost impossible to find the author of the monumental bas-relief sculptures that decorate Almaty's most iconic buildings.
In Search of the Konstantinov Style
A list of the known works of the "Monumental Artist" Viktor Konstantinov.