Memory of Place. The history of Arman through changing times, plus personal stories
We talked with people for whom Arman is much more than a cinema. Using their personal memories, we've traced the cultural layers of Arman, a building with unusual architecture and a fascinating history.
In Qazaq, "Arman" means "dream." Inside, the building is filled with light; outside, it's decorated with massive bas-reliefs that were inspired both by communist ideology and by the genuine dreams of the era about the future, space, progress and peace.
Perestroika (Restructuring)
In the first years of Kazakhstan's independence, many cinemas were closed, turning into furniture shops, casinos and nightclubs. How was Arman able to survive, and how did the aesthetics of the early 2000s oil boom affect the reconstruction project?
The big screen has once again returned to Arman, one of the few stand-alone cinemas to operate outside of large shopping centers, and today the historical appearance of its facade and interiors is returning as well. In the future, look for a space for exhibitions and education with an important mission.